Phishing Scam Pretending to be Microsoft

This Phishing email starts out with this very simple email. As you can see if you look closely its not even a Microsoft Email. Fast forward below to after the link is clicked. It goes to what looks like a very official login page for microsoft. The problem is the address is not right at all for microsoft.

Here is the link


This is a dead giveaway this is some kind of phishing email. They do go to alot of trouble to make it look legit. But the actual domain is this is not an official microsoft domain.

the use of login.microsoftonline does not make it legit. It does however make it look a little closer to legit.

If you have any worry about your microsoft account after you have gotten this email. Go directly to your office 365 login and do not use this link.


Encrypting your cloud files

People love the cloud nowadays, dropbox, google drive and so many more.

Many of these encrypt your files, but they maintain the keys, and if someone gets ahold of your account information they can download your data or access it. Leaving it vulnerable. Especially important for example Lawyers who require security and privacy for there information. It could just be for your own piece of mind.

A really awesome solution to this is Boxcryptor which encrypts your data seperately from any of those cloud services. Essentially giving it 2 sets of encryption. And if someone were to get access to your cloud account they would still not be able to access information you chose to encrypt with boxcryptor. With boxcryptor you can choose to encrypt all or some of your files in which ever cloud drives you choose. Most common cloud drives are supported.

There is a free version and a paid version so give it a shot and try it out.